MAC (Merchants Advisory Council): Paul McAnally [Southern Bancorp], Michelle Wood [Unico Bank], Scott Richards [H&R Block], Steve Horn [Couch’s Restaurant], Loretta Hodge [Trumann Family Health], Mark Fagan [Orscheln Farm & Home], Trey Harris [Sonic].  Membership is open to any merchant or business. .

MPAC (Manufacturers & Producers Advisory Council): Kevin Hazelwood – Chair [Roach Conveyors], Bob Sowell [Retired Engineer], Monte Williams [Craighead Electric Cooperative], Ronnie Samuel [Rage Fab], Ron Smith [Ashley Lighting]. .

*Wild Duck Festival: Jason Stewart – Chair, Linda Smith, Ronnie Harrison, Kevin Hazelwood, Scott Richards, Scott Shankle, Michelle Wood, Neal Vickers, Hazel Riley, Melisha Harlow .

*Wild Duck Golf Tournament: Jason Stewart – Chair, Brian Vinson, Linda Smith, Neal Vickers .

**Floyd A. Smith Memorial Scholarship: Dr. Dana Watson, Kevin Hazelwood, Linda Smith, Neal Vickers .

**Election: Linda Smith – Chair, Scott Richards, Neal Vickers .

**Executive Board: Kevin Hazelwood -President & Chair, Jason Stewart – President-Elect, Linda Smith -Past President, Corey Clairday – Secretary, Malisha Harlow – Treasurer, Neal Vickers – Executive Director .

**Finance/Audit: Melisha Harlow – Chair [Treasurer], Kevin Hazelwood [President], Linda Smith [Past President], Scott Richards [Past President], Ronnie Harrison [Past President] .

* Note – not all committees meet monthly. Please contact the appropriate committee chair to request the meeting schedule.

**Note – these committees have special requirements or are by invitation only.